Striving for mediocrity

I’ve been looking for a way to say this for years, and my friend Bob nails it beautifully. Thanks Bob!

Bob Schoultz's Corner

I use this title partly in jest.   ‘Mediocrity’ is, almost by definition, that which is not ‘praiseworthy.’  And yet in my comments that follow, I hope to point out that what appears to us as mediocre does not automatically warrant derision or embarrassment.  There is an important place for mediocrity in this world, and often there is much to be celebrated in the mediocre. And I’m proud of my contributions to that great sea of mediocrity that sustains us all!I recently presented myself to my Toastmasters club as ‘the Prince of Mediocrity,’ declaring that I am mediocre at more activities that anyone else I know.  My comments were partly in jest – one evaluator accused me of false modesty, and described my presentation as an example of ‘overstated understatement.’  And yet it is true – I have chosen the path of being just OK, or at best, ‘pretty good’ at a…

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  1. Amy Rathke

    A related article, with an outdoor focus:

    Someone was telling me recently that 10,000 hours, depending on how you slice the “work day,” equates to between 100 and 150 weeks in the field…interesting!

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