Bus Loop Bites

Over two years ago our oven decided to experience an epic fail during a pizza making dinner party at our house.  My wife and I don’t bake too often, so it wasn’t a big deal.  We triaged that night by taking the pizzas, all ready to be baked to two separate friends houses who lived across the street from each other.  The stove top still worked (though we had to light it with a lighter) and really, beyond a couple of nights where it would have been nice to make a pizza or something, we hardly noticed.  A few weeks ago we decided to finally replace the oven.  It’s been a celebration of baking since then.

The snow has been falling for two days in Lander, and Sunday we went on a nice hike around the bus loop with the dogs.  I like to think I have some dog training savvy, though our Black and White Dog Luna (that’s what the vet said she is) has been a tough nut to crack.  She came to us a year old, with an unknown past, her defining characteristic is a remarkable ability to sneak into a tight cuddle in most any situation.  She’s proven to be unpredictable, particularly off the leash.  We’ve had some luck with the recall, in Baja we were able to call her back one night when she slipped her collar and bolted on the beach.  Still she is unpredictable.  Today we took her and our German Shepherd Dog Scout out to the bus loop, a local parcel of state land that is a great place to run, bike, and walk dogs.  She was off leash, though we rigged her up with Scouts E-Collar, since Scout is super reliable.  And guess what?  Luna did great!  She healed the whole way!

As a reward for her excellent work, Janeen went on a dog biscuit baking bonanza, and created her new line of Bus Loop Bites for dogs (they taste good to people too!) Just to illustrate the learning in this Blog, Janeen has not been much of a baker (historically speaking) though this weekend alone she has baked a kick ass mixed berry pie with a latticed crust, Challa Bread (say Holla!) and awesome pie crust cookies.  How might you ask did my hardcore outdoorsy wife learn to bake like Martha Stewart in two days?  A little Google-Fu and by trying something new and doing it!

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